Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

In Harrowstone but Not
6th Pharast 4711

Wertz shivers as he steps through the old gate that sags open between ivy covered walls. Inside lie the ruins of Harrowstone. The group marvels at the desolation and study everything for signs of life, afraid to find it.

“The Professor died here. Somewhere. We should keep an eye out for those symbols he wrote about in his journals. We need to question Kendra for more details. Who found his body? Did they come searching for him? Or did someone stumble across his broken body?” Carmelizia said, hanging back while the stronger and braver led the way.

Wertz leads the way across the prison grounds to the observation towers in the wall. The first one proves uninteresting but the second, swarms with rats. They chitter and glare from the shadows and rubble and when Wertz approaches, hundreds of them pour forth in a wave of beady, black eyes and matted fur.

Clarice pulls a vial from her belt and quickly mixes up a concoction and throws it into the mass. The explosion narrowly misses Wertz but greatly damages the tide of rats. Wertz shoots a sharp look at Clarice and she buffs her nails on her shirt.

“Meant to do that.” She grins.

A second bomb finishes off the rats. Wertz shrugs off his injuries and leads the way to the small house near the prison doors. They soon surmise that it must be the Warden’s house.

As they approach, Clarice warns the others. “The house be in bad shape. I don’t think we should go inside.”

“Really? You think so?” Wertz replies before heading inside anyway. Curiosity is one of his better traits.

Dust falls on his head as he moves through the ramshackle house. Open lids on the chests and open drawers in the dresser lead him to the conclusion that someone looted this place long ago. He turns to investigate the next room and just as Clarice warns, sections of the roof collapses on Wertz head. The damage also affects Eruwen who hovers just outside the front door and Carmelizzia who had just positioned herself near a window.

Covered in dust, the group continues around the prison grounds. On the west side of the prison, they climb some stairs to a balcony. The balcony is empty but for a few wooden benches and an executioner’s block. Eruwen approaches and the executioner’s scythe rises from the ground, wielded by skeletal arms, and attacks.

“What is this thing?” Carmellizia shouts over Eruwen’s incomprehensible shouts of warning. After trying a few things, she realizes that the scythe is haunted. She, Sasarez, and Eruwen begin to treat it as undead while Wertz grabs it and pins it to the ground.

When it is broken and unmoving, Wertz straps it to his back to carry back to town.

Bloody and dusty, they return to the Lorrimar Place. After they washed up and filled their stomachs, Carmelizzia questions Kendra.

It turns out that the head of a gargoyle fell on the professor and a couple of kids found his body.

The group decides to consult the spirits again. Eruwen pulls out the spirit board and asks for the name of a person in town who belongs to the Whispering Way. The planchette begins to move and then Eruwen begins to babble even more incoherently than usual. A moment later, she stops but has no answer to her question.

The party prepares for bed.

Off To See The Prison
4th - 6th Pharast 4711

After Kendra finished identifying the cache of items from the false crypt, the party got down to the important business of divvying up the loot. The back-and-forth continued into the evening and Kendra brought out a nice big meal for everyone to share. The discussion turned into making plans for what to do next.

Half of the group wanted to go to Harrowstone in the morning and the rest wanted to spend the day with the books and get more information. Eruwen pulled out the spirit planchette and asked the spirits if it would be a good idea to split up to do both. The spirits said “No.” They compromised with one more day of research and then to Harrowstone.

That night Carmelizzia remained frightened that the terror of the night before would return, possibly worse, and so she slept in the same room as Wertz, the man with the biggest sword.

In the morning, Carmelizzia, Sasarez, and Eruwen hit the books. As soon as they disappeared up the road, Wertz took off down the road to Harrowstone. Sneaking along behind, Clarice followed.

They approached Harrowstone and surveyed the vine covered wall. Wertz climbed to the top and looked down at the ruined buildings inside and fell climbing down. Clarice stepped out of the underbrush and did the same (without the falling on the trip down). Satisfied that no one (living?) occupied the place, they headed back to the Lorrimor Place.

Sasarez and Carmelizzia didn’t uncover new information about the Whispering Way but Eruwen did find out more aboutThe Spatter Man. What she found out scared Carmelizzia even more. She worries that she will be his next victim.

In the morning, the entire group trudges out to Harrowstone. [Level 2]

Rhyme, Research, and The Restlands
2nd - 4th Pharast 4711

Everyone decides to hit the books for another day. Wertz, left to his own devices, heads into town. On the way ghostly wagon tracks appear in the road next to him, heading towards Harrowstone. He tries to hop on the wagon he cannot see and falls in the mud.

In the town square, he finds five little girls jumping rope and chanting a creepy jump rope rhyme.

When he approaches the girls and tries to talk to them, they run away screaming for their mommies. Wertz spends the rest of the evening scoping out the taverns and the buildings in town for information but comes up empty.

In the morning, Wertz serves himself some breakfast at the Lorrimor Place before heading back to town. Phaldon’s research nets him the names of the five prisoners who had control of the prison including details about the Piper of Illmarsh. The group match up the prisoners with the jump rope rhyme. Carmelizzia and Sasarez discover that The Whispering Way is a secret society of necromancers who often ally with the undead. Most of the group heads into town for the afternoon to see what they can see.

In the town square, musicians are playing. Phaldon begins to whistle with them and two stirges swoop out of the rafters of the gazebo and attack. Attack everyone that is except for Phaldon. The other three each take some blood loss before the creatures are slain.

In bed that night, Carmelizzia is trapped in a prison cell while never leaving her bedroom. She yells for help and tries both the door and the window but couldn’t leave. Then, in dripping blood, her name appears on the wall above the moldy pile of straw that was her bed. One letter at a time. Just as the last letter appears, she wakes up in bed as if from a nightmare. The bloody name remained on the wall.

Dawn breaks and the party heads to the Restlands, the town cemetery. Two skeletons rise from their graves and attack. Sasarez channels the power of his deity and returns them to inanimation. The party rebury the bodies and continue on. Carmelizzia flags down a gravedigger and asks if strange things have been happening in the graveyard before today. The gravedigger answers with “No weirder than things in town, but the risen dead are new.”

They check the Professor’s grave and find it undisturbed. They continue on to the mausoleum described in the Professor’s journal. Inside, they find a single set of footprints in the dust. After a fight with two aggressive, overly large centipedes they arrive at the only sarcophagus in the mausoleum. Inside is a large cache of arrows, potions, scrolls, and a darkwood case with a spirit planchette inside along with 4 vials.

They take the cache back to the Lorrimor Place and enlist Kendra’s help with identifying the contents.
A Key, A Fire, and Research
1 Pharast - 2 Pharast 4711

Hearthmount reads the will, dropping an iron key when he opens the scroll case.Professor Lorrimor left them four books to deliver and a journal with some entries circled. Three of the books should be delivered to Montagnie Crowl and Embreth Daramid.

Some of the party heads into town. At the inn, while watching a game of Harrow, the Uprising cards bursts into flame. Three of the party spend the night researching. The other three head to bed.

In the morning, Kendra enters the dining room and tells of the desecration of the Harrowstone Memorial. Someone (something?) wrote the letter V in blood on it and splattered more blood around the place. Carmelizzia didn’t discover anything about the Whispering Way in her research. Phaldon didn’t find out anything about Harrowstone but Eruwen found out a lot about the prison including that there were 5 prisoners who had rioted and had control of the prison when the fire that destroyed it was started.

Playing Dirty in the Restlands
1 Pharast 4711

Six adventurers, past acquaintances of Professor Petros Lorrimor, gather at The Restlands cemetery for his funeral. Also there are two men, a boy, and an older woman. Five of the adventurers take their places as pallbearers and Kendra Lorrimor, his daughter, leads the way through the graveyard. As they take the first turn, a mob of farmers confront the group, lead by an elderly retired soldier. They demand that the Professor not be buried among their kin.

Kendra stepped forward to tell them off. Wertz interjects, backed up by Phaldon but their words fall on deaf ears and a fight breaks out. The farmers, armed with miscellaneous farm equipment, do not strike to harm but rather to frighten off the pallbearers. Carmelizzia, worried about her thin skin, drops her end of the coffin and retreats. The rest of the pallbearers lose their grip on the coffin and it falls to the ground. The Professor’s body rolls onto the muddy ground. Clarice and Phaldon work to get the body back in the coffin. Kendra and Wertz fight off the farmers who are quick to run when damaged.

The farmers who were unable to run vow to turn themselves into the sheriff and Father Grimburrow heals everyone. At the funeral, several of the adventurers get up to speak and impress the townsfolk there. Afterwards, Kendra invites the adventurers back to her home for the reading of the will.

The group introduces themselves as they wait for the councilman to arrive.

Phaldon Clane, Singer of the Dead; Eruwen; Clarice Dannon; Carmelizzia, Sasarez, and Wertz Helman get to know each other in the hour before Councilman Hearthmount arrives. They recognize him as one of the men at the funeral. He reads the will.

The will asks those gathered to remain in Ravengro for one month and keep an eye on the Professor’s daughter. At the end of the month, they are to take some books to the University in Lepidstadt and they will each get 100 platinum pieces.


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