Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

Off To See The Prison

4th - 6th Pharast 4711

After Kendra finished identifying the cache of items from the false crypt, the party got down to the important business of divvying up the loot. The back-and-forth continued into the evening and Kendra brought out a nice big meal for everyone to share. The discussion turned into making plans for what to do next.

Half of the group wanted to go to Harrowstone in the morning and the rest wanted to spend the day with the books and get more information. Eruwen pulled out the spirit planchette and asked the spirits if it would be a good idea to split up to do both. The spirits said “No.” They compromised with one more day of research and then to Harrowstone.

That night Carmelizzia remained frightened that the terror of the night before would return, possibly worse, and so she slept in the same room as Wertz, the man with the biggest sword.

In the morning, Carmelizzia, Sasarez, and Eruwen hit the books. As soon as they disappeared up the road, Wertz took off down the road to Harrowstone. Sneaking along behind, Clarice followed.

They approached Harrowstone and surveyed the vine covered wall. Wertz climbed to the top and looked down at the ruined buildings inside and fell climbing down. Clarice stepped out of the underbrush and did the same (without the falling on the trip down). Satisfied that no one (living?) occupied the place, they headed back to the Lorrimor Place.

Sasarez and Carmelizzia didn’t uncover new information about the Whispering Way but Eruwen did find out more aboutThe Spatter Man. What she found out scared Carmelizzia even more. She worries that she will be his next victim.

In the morning, the entire group trudges out to Harrowstone. [Level 2]



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