Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

In Harrowstone but Not

6th Pharast 4711

Wertz shivers as he steps through the old gate that sags open between ivy covered walls. Inside lie the ruins of Harrowstone. The group marvels at the desolation and study everything for signs of life, afraid to find it.

“The Professor died here. Somewhere. We should keep an eye out for those symbols he wrote about in his journals. We need to question Kendra for more details. Who found his body? Did they come searching for him? Or did someone stumble across his broken body?” Carmelizia said, hanging back while the stronger and braver led the way.

Wertz leads the way across the prison grounds to the observation towers in the wall. The first one proves uninteresting but the second, swarms with rats. They chitter and glare from the shadows and rubble and when Wertz approaches, hundreds of them pour forth in a wave of beady, black eyes and matted fur.

Clarice pulls a vial from her belt and quickly mixes up a concoction and throws it into the mass. The explosion narrowly misses Wertz but greatly damages the tide of rats. Wertz shoots a sharp look at Clarice and she buffs her nails on her shirt.

“Meant to do that.” She grins.

A second bomb finishes off the rats. Wertz shrugs off his injuries and leads the way to the small house near the prison doors. They soon surmise that it must be the Warden’s house.

As they approach, Clarice warns the others. “The house be in bad shape. I don’t think we should go inside.”

“Really? You think so?” Wertz replies before heading inside anyway. Curiosity is one of his better traits.

Dust falls on his head as he moves through the ramshackle house. Open lids on the chests and open drawers in the dresser lead him to the conclusion that someone looted this place long ago. He turns to investigate the next room and just as Clarice warns, sections of the roof collapses on Wertz head. The damage also affects Eruwen who hovers just outside the front door and Carmelizzia who had just positioned herself near a window.

Covered in dust, the group continues around the prison grounds. On the west side of the prison, they climb some stairs to a balcony. The balcony is empty but for a few wooden benches and an executioner’s block. Eruwen approaches and the executioner’s scythe rises from the ground, wielded by skeletal arms, and attacks.

“What is this thing?” Carmellizia shouts over Eruwen’s incomprehensible shouts of warning. After trying a few things, she realizes that the scythe is haunted. She, Sasarez, and Eruwen begin to treat it as undead while Wertz grabs it and pins it to the ground.

When it is broken and unmoving, Wertz straps it to his back to carry back to town.

Bloody and dusty, they return to the Lorrimar Place. After they washed up and filled their stomachs, Carmelizzia questions Kendra.

It turns out that the head of a gargoyle fell on the professor and a couple of kids found his body.

The group decides to consult the spirits again. Eruwen pulls out the spirit board and asks for the name of a person in town who belongs to the Whispering Way. The planchette begins to move and then Eruwen begins to babble even more incoherently than usual. A moment later, she stops but has no answer to her question.

The party prepares for bed.



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