Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

Playing Dirty in the Restlands

1 Pharast 4711

Six adventurers, past acquaintances of Professor Petros Lorrimor, gather at The Restlands cemetery for his funeral. Also there are two men, a boy, and an older woman. Five of the adventurers take their places as pallbearers and Kendra Lorrimor, his daughter, leads the way through the graveyard. As they take the first turn, a mob of farmers confront the group, lead by an elderly retired soldier. They demand that the Professor not be buried among their kin.

Kendra stepped forward to tell them off. Wertz interjects, backed up by Phaldon but their words fall on deaf ears and a fight breaks out. The farmers, armed with miscellaneous farm equipment, do not strike to harm but rather to frighten off the pallbearers. Carmelizzia, worried about her thin skin, drops her end of the coffin and retreats. The rest of the pallbearers lose their grip on the coffin and it falls to the ground. The Professor’s body rolls onto the muddy ground. Clarice and Phaldon work to get the body back in the coffin. Kendra and Wertz fight off the farmers who are quick to run when damaged.

The farmers who were unable to run vow to turn themselves into the sheriff and Father Grimburrow heals everyone. At the funeral, several of the adventurers get up to speak and impress the townsfolk there. Afterwards, Kendra invites the adventurers back to her home for the reading of the will.

The group introduces themselves as they wait for the councilman to arrive.

Phaldon Clane, Singer of the Dead; Eruwen; Clarice Dannon; Carmelizzia, Sasarez, and Wertz Helman get to know each other in the hour before Councilman Hearthmount arrives. They recognize him as one of the men at the funeral. He reads the will.

The will asks those gathered to remain in Ravengro for one month and keep an eye on the Professor’s daughter. At the end of the month, they are to take some books to the University in Lepidstadt and they will each get 100 platinum pieces.



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