Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

Rhyme, Research, and The Restlands

2nd - 4th Pharast 4711

Everyone decides to hit the books for another day. Wertz, left to his own devices, heads into town. On the way ghostly wagon tracks appear in the road next to him, heading towards Harrowstone. He tries to hop on the wagon he cannot see and falls in the mud.

In the town square, he finds five little girls jumping rope and chanting a creepy jump rope rhyme.

When he approaches the girls and tries to talk to them, they run away screaming for their mommies. Wertz spends the rest of the evening scoping out the taverns and the buildings in town for information but comes up empty.

In the morning, Wertz serves himself some breakfast at the Lorrimor Place before heading back to town. Phaldon’s research nets him the names of the five prisoners who had control of the prison including details about the Piper of Illmarsh. The group match up the prisoners with the jump rope rhyme. Carmelizzia and Sasarez discover that The Whispering Way is a secret society of necromancers who often ally with the undead. Most of the group heads into town for the afternoon to see what they can see.

In the town square, musicians are playing. Phaldon begins to whistle with them and two stirges swoop out of the rafters of the gazebo and attack. Attack everyone that is except for Phaldon. The other three each take some blood loss before the creatures are slain.

In bed that night, Carmelizzia is trapped in a prison cell while never leaving her bedroom. She yells for help and tries both the door and the window but couldn’t leave. Then, in dripping blood, her name appears on the wall above the moldy pile of straw that was her bed. One letter at a time. Just as the last letter appears, she wakes up in bed as if from a nightmare. The bloody name remained on the wall.

Dawn breaks and the party heads to the Restlands, the town cemetery. Two skeletons rise from their graves and attack. Sasarez channels the power of his deity and returns them to inanimation. The party rebury the bodies and continue on. Carmelizzia flags down a gravedigger and asks if strange things have been happening in the graveyard before today. The gravedigger answers with “No weirder than things in town, but the risen dead are new.”

They check the Professor’s grave and find it undisturbed. They continue on to the mausoleum described in the Professor’s journal. Inside, they find a single set of footprints in the dust. After a fight with two aggressive, overly large centipedes they arrive at the only sarcophagus in the mausoleum. Inside is a large cache of arrows, potions, scrolls, and a darkwood case with a spirit planchette inside along with 4 vials.

They take the cache back to the Lorrimor Place and enlist Kendra’s help with identifying the contents.



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