Curious Case of the Carrion Crown

A Key, A Fire, and Research

1 Pharast - 2 Pharast 4711

Hearthmount reads the will, dropping an iron key when he opens the scroll case.Professor Lorrimor left them four books to deliver and a journal with some entries circled. Three of the books should be delivered to Montagnie Crowl and Embreth Daramid.

Some of the party heads into town. At the inn, while watching a game of Harrow, the Uprising cards bursts into flame. Three of the party spend the night researching. The other three head to bed.

In the morning, Kendra enters the dining room and tells of the desecration of the Harrowstone Memorial. Someone (something?) wrote the letter V in blood on it and splattered more blood around the place. Carmelizzia didn’t discover anything about the Whispering Way in her research. Phaldon didn’t find out anything about Harrowstone but Eruwen found out a lot about the prison including that there were 5 prisoners who had rioted and had control of the prison when the fire that destroyed it was started.



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